Interactive Tables


Interactive Table

The Interactive Table solution is a multi-user interactive surface designed to promote student collaboration, engagement and student-led learning. The intuitive touch interface allows up to six users at once to access a wealth of ready-to-use educational activities, tools and resources. Small groups can work together to accomplish a single activity or work independently to contribute toward the completion of a group project.


promethean-logo-web-jpg lo-resPromethean ActivTable

Unlike most multi-touch technology tools, Promethean’s ActivTable has been designed specifically to help teachers quickly, easily and effectively foster collaborative classroom learning.

  • Navigate maps and roam the world’s oceans in geography, share virtual money in a math lesson or investigate creatures in science—the activtable-v2-with-activities-webpossibilities are endless.
  • Divide the class into groups and use the ActivTable as a learning center for targeted small group instruction and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Foster the development of communication, collaboration and group-led decision-making skills.

Promote inclusion for all, particularly children with special needs. ActivTable’s interface and activities facilitate peer learning and allow for differentiation, and this multi-touch table is wheelchair accessible.


   Boxlight ProColor Touch Table 470


Boxlight’s interactive touch table is an exciting tool for students to use together to learn and develop teamwork skills while having fun!

ProColor Touch Table 470 features:

    • Up to 12 touch points to support multi-usersTouchTable 2
    • Built to accommodate multiple chairs and wheelchairs
    • Height adjustable
    • Unhindered interaction (cups and elbows won’t interfere)
    • Educational software built in
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